Monday, September 3, 2007


What will happen to a face in the crowd when it finally gets too crowded.
And will happen to the origins of sound after all the sounds have sounded
Well I hope I never have to see that day but by God I know it’s headed my way
So I better be happy now that im going home... and i'll be gone...
And what becomes of a day for those who rage against it
And who will sum up the phrase for all left standing around in it
Well I suppose i'll have to make my judgement call
I'll walk alone, stand up tall, then march to the fall
So we better be happy now that we’ll all go home.
I have to be happy with the way you I am
I have to be happy that i made it this far
Because this is something else
This is something else
I tried to live my life and live it so well
But when it’s all over is it heaven or is it hell
I better be happy now that no one can tell, nobody knows
I’m gonna be happy with the way that I am
I’m gonna be happy with all that I stand for
I’m gonna be happy now because the I'm going home...... someday.


Friday, August 31, 2007


Start the coffee first thing in the morning
I wake up quickly without a warning
My little Althea sleeps a bump on a log
She always wakes up her head in a fog
There are so many things still left to do
Combing her hair while singing her song.

And even when you most annoy,
I can't help smiling at your nerve;
As if the impudence you serve
Adds sweetness to my dish of joy.

For now she can’t understand why me and her mom
Didn’t work out…..
I know at times, she feels all alone in the house
But for my daughter, I'll always be there
I’ll comfort her with… "I'm going nowhere."
Before bed she asks for time to cuddle
When in my arms her life's not a muddle
This isn't the life we had in our dreams
What ever will happen to us it seems
There'll never be a day where I feel sad
Whenever I hear the words, "I love you, Papa."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

for my daughter... Althea Renee

From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms....
I knew i'd meet death before i'd let you meet harm...
Although question arose in my mind, would i be man enough?
Against wrong ,choose right and be standing up.
From the hospital that first night
Took an hour just to get the carseat in right...
People drivin' so fast got me kinna upset
Got you home safe, place you in your bassinette.
That night i dont think one wink i slept
As I slipped out my bed, to your crib i crept
touched your head gently, felt my heart melt
Cause I know i love you more that life itself
Then to my knees, and beg the Lord please...
let me be a good daddy , all she needs
I pledge my life to you.
Just the two of us, we can make it if we try
Just the two of us, building castle in the sky
Just the two of us you and I

7 years old, bringin' comedy
Everytime i look at you i think an opposite little me
just like me....
wait and see gonna be tall....
Makes me laugh cause you got your dad's ears and all
Sometimes i wonder, what you gonna be
A Singer, a Doctor, maybe an MC
I wanna kiss you all the time
But i will test that butt when you cut outta line.
I'll try to be tough dad, but your making me laugh
Crazy joy, when i see the eyes of my baby girl
I pledge to you, i will always do
Everything i can..
Show you how to be a good woman
and i dont mind if you lose, as long as you came with it
and you can cry aint no shame with it....
It didn't work out with me and your mom
But push comes to shove
You was conceived in love
So if the world attacks and you slide off the track
Remember one fact....
I got your back.
It's a full-time job to be a good dad
You got so much stuff than i had..
I gotta study just to keep with the changin times
Pokemon on your dvd room
see I’m just tryin' to pretend i know
But Althea, aint nothing promised..
One day I’ll be gone...
Feel the strife, but trust...
Life does go wrong.
But just in case, it's my place to impart....
One day some guy's gonna break your heart
and ain't no pain like from the opposite sex
gonna hurt bad, but don’t take it on the next.
Throughout life people will make you mad
Disrespect you and treat you bad...
Let God deals with the things they do
coz hate in your heart will consume you too.
Always tell the truth, say your prayers..
hold doors, pull out chairs, take it easy on the swears.
You're the living proof that dreams come true..

Friday, August 24, 2007


Old at heart but I'm only 28 And I'm much too young To let love break my heart Young at heart but it's getting much too late To find ourselves so far apart.....I don't know how you're supposed To find me lately And what more could you ask from me How could you say that I never needed youWhen you took everything Said you took everything from me .Young at heart an it gets so hard to waitWhen no one I know can seem to help me now Old at heart but I musn't hesitateI f I'm to find my own way out Still talkin' to myself and nobody's home.So nobody ever told us.......How it was gonna be So what'll happen to us...... Guess we'll have to wait and see When I find out all the reasons Maybe I'll find another way Find another day With all the changing seasons of my life Maybe I'll get it right next timeAn now that you've been broken down Got your head out of the clouds You're back down on the groundAnd you don't talk so loud And you don't walk so proud Any more, and what for Well I jumped into the river too many times to make it homeI'm out here on my own, an drifting all alone If it doesn't show give it time To read between the lines'Cause I see the storm getting closer And the waves they get so high Seems everything We've ever known's here Why must it drift away and dieI'll never find anyone to replace you Guess I'll have to make it thru, this time Without you I knew the storm was getting closer And all my friends said I was high But everything we've ever known's here I never wanted it to die.......................................

Thursday, August 23, 2007

love so strange..............

Gonna find a way to cure this loneliness......I'll find a way to cure the pain If I said that you're my friend And our love would never end How long before I had your trust again I opened up the doors when it was cold outside Hopin' that you'd find your own way in But how can I protect you Or try not to neglect you When you won't take the love I have to give I bought me an illusion An I put it on the wall I let it fill my head with dreams And I had to have them all But oh the taste is never so sweet As what you'd believe it is Well I guess it never is It's these prejudiced illusions That pump the blood To the heart of the biz You know I never thought that it could take so long You know I never knew how to be strong Yeah, I let you shape me But I feel as though you raped me 'Cause you climbed inside my world And in my songs So now I've closed the door To keep the cold outside Seems somehow I've found the will to live But how can I forget you Or try not to reject you When we both know it takes time to forgive Sweetness is a virtue And you lost your virtue long ago You know I'd like to hurt you But my conscience always tells me no You could sell your body on the street To anyone who looks like me Who'd love to try and get inside And bust your innocence open wide 'Cause my baby's got a locomotive My baby's gone off the track My baby's got a locomotive Got ta peel the bitch off my back I know it looks like I'm insane Take a closer look I'm not to blame No! Gonna have some fun with my frustration Gonna watch the big screen in my head I'd rather take a detour 'Cause this road ain't gettin' clearer Your train of thought has cut me off again Better tame that boy 'cause he's a wild one Better tame that boy for he's a man Sweetheart don't make me laugh You's gettin' too big for your pants And I's think maybe you should Cut out while you can You can use you illusion Let it take you where it may We live and learn And then sometimes it's best to walk away Me I'm just here hangin' on It's my only place to stay at least For now anyway I've worked too hard for my illusions Just to throw them all away I'm taking time for quiet consolation In passing by this love that's passed away I know it's never easy So why should you believe me When I've always got so many things to say Calling off the dogs a simple choice is made 'Cause playful hearts Can sometimes be enraged You know I tried to wake you I mean how long could it take you To open up your eyes and turn the page Kindness is a treasure And it's one towards me you've seldom shown So I'll say it for good measure To all the ones like you I've known Ya know I'd like to shave your head And all my friends could paint it red 'Cause love to me's a two way street An all I really want is peace ... Affection is a blessing Can you find it in your sordid heart I tried to keep this thing ta-gether But the tremor tore my pad apart Yeah I know it's hard to face When all we've worked for's gone to waste But you're such a stupid woman And I'm such a stupid man But love like time's got its own plans 'Cause my baby's got a locomotive My baby's gone off the track My baby's got a locomotive Got ta peel the bitch off my back I know it looks like I'm insane Take a closer look I'm not to blame..... If love is blind I guess I'll buy myself a cane.. LOVE'S SO STRANGE…


Got your mind in submission Got your life on the line But nobody pulled the trigger They just stepped aside They be down by the water While you watch 'em waving goodbye They be callin' in the morning They be hangin' on the phone They be waiting for an answer When you know nobody's home And when the bell's stopped ringing It was nobody's fault but your own. There were always ample warnings There were always subtle signs And you would have seen it comin' But we gave you too much time And when you said that no one's listening Why'd your best friend drop a dime Sometimes we get so tired of waiting For a way to spend our time And "It's so easy " to be social" It's so easy" to be cool ...Yeah it's easy to be hungry When you ain't got shit to lose And I wish that I could help you With what you hope to find But I'm still out here waiting Watching reruns of my life When you reach the point of breaking Know it's gonna take sometime To heal the broken memories That another man would need Just to survive......